Who is buying homes these days?

Who is buying homes these days?

  • The CREM Group
  • 04/17/20
Investors, that’s who.

While families are not sure of their jobs, their incomes, or their health, there is a cohort of people who are buying homes, probate homes, land, and condos in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. These are the real estate investors that are taking advantage of lower prices resulting from the pandemic economy going on today.
People Need to Live Somewhere

Families are still buying, of course. People need to live somewhere, and if a family has been transferred to Southern California amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, they are still seeking a place to live. Houses are still selling, and as real estate agents and probate real estate agents, we are representing both buyers and sellers of homes in both categories. The prices might be a little better on the probate homes, but as we have explained, the process of buying a probate property is a little more complicated. The CREM Group has been selling probate homes for years, so it’s not complicated for us.
In our last blog post, we talked about how we use technology to facilitate the buying and selling process. But as we continue with showing properties to our family and investor clients in Southern California, we have made sure we’re complying with all the safety guidelines stipulated by the State of California and the California Association of Realtors (“C.A.R.”), and for just plain good common sense.

COVID-19 Rules of the (Real Estate) Road:

1. We show homes BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to ensure that our clients and ourselves as real estate agents are the only people in the home.
2. Inside the home, we adhere to safe social distancing requirements.
3. We provide masks, gloves, and booties for shoes for our clients when touring homes.
4. We wipe down the door handles, touchable surfaces, (hand railings, countertops, cupboards, etc.) with alcohol wipes.
5. We wear masks, of course, and we wash our hands and use hand sanitizer, and wear gloves.
6. We’d like to shake your hand. We really would, but we will when it’s all over. We promise!
The Bottom Line
We’re still showing houses and properties—both probate homes and “standard” homes, yet are specialist is probate real estate sales in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and San Diego. The supply of homes available for sale is up because demand is down. That’s because the economy is slow due to unemployment being up. People are worried. Some people say we shouldn’t show houses, but families have to live somewhere. And if investors are buying homes, it’s good for the economy and good for people’s moods. It means hope is on the way.
Home prices are very attractive. Interest rates are low. For those reasons, it’s a good time to buy. As probate real estate agents in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, we’re keeping people safe as we continue to have a positive frame of mind that the COVID-19 pandemic will be over and more people will be buying and selling homes. We’re staying positive and we hope you are, too!
As always, contact us here if you have any questions about real estate, probate real estate, or trust real estate properties, especially in Los Angeles and Orange Counties in California.

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