Just Listed - Trust Sale - Monrovia

Just Listed - Trust Sale - Monrovia

  • 07/14/22

Trust Sale. The CREM Group is proud to bring another real estate trust sale to the market. This property is an industrial space with 4,023 SF. Property to be sold "as-is." Court confirmation is not required as apart of this trust sale, meaning this trust real estate sale can close much faster than a court supervised sale. Please note, we are probate and trust real estate agents and licensed attorneys as well, so probate and trust real estate sales are our speciality.

For more information on this Trust sale or other trust real estate sales in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, and Ventura, please give The CREM Group a call at (323) 347-1009 or email us at [email protected]. Trust and probate real property sales do not have to be complicated when you work with probate realtors. We are top rated probate real estate agents and realtors in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Ventura and San Diego areas; feel free to ask us any probate real estate related questions. As stated above, we are also licensed attorneys and put all of our legal experience at our clients disposal.

Note to our readers, to our clients, and to our potential clients: Court confirmed probate and/or trust sales (that are court-supervised) require the buyer, seller, escrow officer, title officer, attorney, administrator, executor, successor trustee and all related parties to abide by court stipulated procedures. It is always best to work with a seasoned probate real estate agent-realtor-broker, who specializes in this unique industry-niche.

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